i want to wish all of my followers a happy new year! I had such a great year, becoming friends with so many people on tumblr. Meg, Emma, Anele, Ariel, Nel, Aimee, Francesca, Cecillie, Christina, and others i have forgotten at the moment (sorry). I’m happy to have joined the renner fandom because you are all seriously awesome. here’s to an amazing 2013! (and hoping scarlett and jeremy will get together next year muahaha)

  1. clintash said: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
  2. jlhowlett said: aw Ellen :) Thank you! I hope you have an awesome year. If Jeremy & Scarlett get together, this year, I’ll need life alert :D
  3. poehlerfey said: Aw! Happy New Year to you, too, sweetheart! Thank you for the mention and here’s hoping those two chuckleheads get their shit together :P
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